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Most people think of acrylic or gel enhancements when they think of Nail Salons & Nail technicians. 
But the truth is, the world of ‘fake nails’ is only one half of our industry. 
There are A LOT of people out there that just want nice natural nails so don’t forget about them! 
One of my best promotions to date was my “Nail Rehab Programme” I put a package together consisting of 8 x IBX treatments, along with a take home kit containing a manicure kit, with moisturizers, cuticle oils and chocolates for… 
well just because… everyone loves chocolate… right? 
I targeted nail biters and those who had damaged nails, thanks to all of the NSS Salons (Non Standard Salons
I had a steady supply of people, and I created a programme that was designed to repair and nurse their broken nails back to health, at the same time as giving me a regular stream of customers who came in fortnightly like clockwork and paid 2 months up front. 
One of the biggest hurdles when it comes to nursing damaged nails back to health is that sadly people won’t maintain treatments for long enough to see the results, they usually come a couple of times then give up, or come to irregularly see any results at all. So how do we combat this and help our customers to finally achieve the strong and healthy nails that they dream of? 
There are a couple of objections we need to avoid first before they come up. 
The first being the cost of them paying a lump sum covering 2 months worth of appointments. 

Easy, if my rehab package doesn’t work then I offered a full money back guarantee. It’s important to note here though that I did not have to refund a single person

Why? Because we covered the next objection too, What if at the end of it my nails are still broken damaged snubs? Well, as always my clients needs are the most important thing to me, so I made sure that I did everything that I could to help them on their nail health journey.
I knew that for this programme to be guaranteed to work they needed to be serious about it and not blow off their appointments
They also needed to do their part, they needed to maintain their nails at home. 
So I gave them a step by step print out on the to do’s and what not to do’s of home nail care, which sorted that problem. 
So my last potential problem was how do I get them to take it seriously and turn up for every appointment?
Again that problem had a very simple solution, which is why the programme is paid in a lump sum in the beginning. If they didn’t show up, they forfeited that treatment. You see they had already invested in the programme and I had clearly outlined the entire course, including exactly what I would do, what they had to do, and what they could reasonably expect.
What we ended up with was a high end programme that bought in a lot of money and secured my spot as a natural nail guru in the process. 
It also meant that after 2 months I had built a solid report with them all, so a lot of them continued to come to me. A Some of my most loyal customers came from my Nail Rehab Programme, So remember to think outside the square, just because Someone doesn’t want enhancements doesn’t mean they, aren’t potential clients.