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Symantha Scanlon

Hi, I am Symantha. I have always had a love for nails and for having my nails done since I was a young teen. I started my nail career in July 2020 with a short course held by Sarah Haley. My passion for nails grew and lead me to take a nail certificate course and from there my love for nails has flourished even more.

Lisha Evans

Lisha Evans has been a nail technician for 16 years with most of those years being focused on working with gel. Over the years she has worked for herself, beauty salons and has taught nails at a prominent beauty school. She has a huge passion for helping fellow nail techs in the industry through support with technique, skills and business knowledge.

Kellie Lemon

Hi im Kellie. I'm a mum and a nan. I always dreaded going to work until I had a career change to Nails 5 years ago and I have never looked back. I love the continual challenge of creating nails. I currently share my work between my small business #kelliescustomclaws and #empirenailsandbeauty.

Akasha Kaos

I'm a new freshly qualified nail technician with a huge love for nail art. To be able to help people feel more confident with nails is a passion of mine. I cant wait to work with such a positive nail community x

Cindy Paay

Hi, I'm Cindy from Cinful Gelz. I'm a mum of a 13yo girl and 11yo son and wifey to my hubby. We live in the South of Adelaide. I started my business 6 years ago after doing my course many moons before that. I started with acrylic but found my love of gel hence my business name. Along with nails I also have another part-time job, working in a supermarket bakery... Very dangerous 😜 ..but nails are my passion!

Salina Basnet

Hi ! I'm Salina. I'm 21 years old. My nail journey began as a hobby back when I was a kid. The only thing I wanted to do after I was earning for myself was to go to a nail school and I'm so glad I did it. I've been a part time nail tech since 2020 and have loved every minute of it. I'm super grateful to be a part of the nail nerd family and can't wait to grow and create fun art!

Rosie Lou Smith

Hi I'm so excited to be part of the Nail Nerd Team my Name is Rosie Lou Smith I am a mum of 5 and Grammy to 2 and I have a passion for nail sculpture and design.I first trained as a nail tech in 1996, but really got serious in 2019 when I retrained with a diploma in business nail art ,I'm in Port Stephens nsw and have have a mobile and in home salon Favourite picture So hard to choose but I love this sculpted hard gel ,so classy and this is me!! Love Rosie

Maxxe ODonnell

10 years being a nail tech and the love never dies, goldcoast based and owner of vanita cura with a passion for education I strive to become the best nail tech that I can possibly be. I’m always researching new techniques and learning. I’m always friendly and will help wherever I can.

Tracie Kirk

Hi, I'm Tracie, I Started doing nails 28 yrs ago with gel , I worked in a small salon in rooty hill nsw while I was pregnant, We had our own business with a photo lab that took over our life, After a long time my daughter best friend asked me to do her nails I said I had no supplies, a few weeks later a kit arrived from wish lol, I struggled with some of the crap products lol and built up my home salon bit by bit . Always looking at new ideas , training from youtube etc as things are always changing. I Live in Hervey bay with hubby my 17 boy and soon to be 16 old boy

Belinda Anne Lamond

Hi I am Belinda Anne Lamond I have been a Beauty Therapist and Nail Tech for 28 years, I have the utmost passion for our industry and teaching and learning are of the utmost importance to me . I am honoured to be a part of the Nail Nerd Family and use Sarah’s amazing Products.

Donna Abercromby

My name is Donna Abercromby and I’ve been doing nails for 17 years. I love learning new techniques and keeping on trend with nail designs. I predominantly love to work with acrylic, especially encapsulation and anything sparkly! If I can help you with anything, please contact me.

Natasha Scianski

Lucky to be in the beauty industry for 17 years, I do both beauty and nails, love learning new techniques to use on clients nails to give them the opportunity to express themselves through their nails. I have owned my own salon for 11years in a little fishing village in Queensland. Thanks Natasha

Nicole Delany

Hi! My name is Nicole Delany (née Emery) some of you may remember I used to trade as Polish Nail Design. I recently had a little rest from nails but I missed the glitter, the smell of monomer, the nail dust and most importantly the friendships I made along the way! So I’m back - refreshed & rebranding!! Welcome to The Nail Garden ~ a place where you can get an amazing set of nails, quality nail service, great conversation, plenty of laughs and maybe a few tears (but what happens in The Nail Garden stays in The Nail Garden 🤫) I'm really passionate about what I do, so I wanted to expand my horizons and incorporate my other love to share with you beautiful people..! Plants! 🪴 I am a self confessed crazy plant lady 🤪 and my home is a jungle! So I thought why not spread the plant love..!? 🤍 I grow most of my plants in water, they’re awesome to look at and so easy to care for. I’ll also have some funky pots, vases, homewares & jewellery available too. So if you are looking for a fresh set of nails, or a cute gift for a friend. Pop in to see me at The Nail Garden 🌿 *Fully qualified Nail Technician since 2009. 🎓 *Ambassador for The Nail Nerd 🤓 *Specialising in Acrylic enhancements and Gel Polish on natural nails. 💅🏻 *Trained with reputable training institutes and companies including TAFE, YoungNails, Lish, Fluid, Get Buffed, Sam Biddle plus more. *Use quality products and practice safe, clean hygiene procedures. 🧼 *Home based Salon. 🏠 * Also have beautiful homewares, jewellery and pots, vases and plants 🪴 both in soil or hydro ( currently studying cert. horticulturist) Thanks 😊 Nicole Delany

Dee Tattam

Hello my name is Dee Tattam I am a Nail technician from the Sunshine Coast Qld Owner operator of Dee-sirable Nails & Beauty I have been in the nail industry off and on for the past 26 years, I qualified in 1995 at the Fingertrix Nail school in Cleveland Qld. I am a mother of 4 beautiful children (adults now) from the ages 36,34,25,21, I am also a Nanny to 5 beautiful grandchildren, 4 granddaughters & 1 grandson I am so blessed. I have had quite a few different businesses in my time, But the Nail Industry has to be my favourite of all time hands down, no pun intended lol, My philosophy in life is to wake up and live each day like it may be your last, after all, you never know what's just around the corner, good or bad, take full advantage of every moment, live, Love, & Laugh often.

Sarah Davis

I started nails in 2006 after completing my Cert II in Nail Technology. I only used to do friends nails until after I had my son Lachy in 2011 when I decided to get a few clients to come to my home. Fast forward 10 years, location changes and a new business name I am now Naildit Beauty. Originally I was an acrylic tech but in 2017 I fell in love with builder gel. Due to the advances with gels in the last few years, I am now predominantly a gel tech. I love that there is no smell, finer dust and it feels lighter than acrylic. My clients have also fallen in love with gel! Although I still have some acrylic clients to keep my practice up. I love everything about creating nails, from making clients feel confident showing their hands to throwing glitter around and making art on fingertips! Education is also key to being a trusted nail tech. We need to educate our clients not just make them pretty. I often get asked if I get bored with my job, but how can I get bored? My job changes every hour! I get to speak to a different person and play with different mediums! Gel, Glitter, Swarovski Crystals & paint just to name a few! I love a good ombré nail but also love a classic French! And the more bling the better! I am honoured to be asked to be an ambassador for The Nail Nerd & support my friend Sarah Haley on her amazing journey.